Mahwah’s Affordable Housing Plan

by Robert Abbott on 4/13/2016

At a recent Council meeting, Council President John Roth addressed affordable housing stating that, “There are no definitive answers, no specific guidance from the courts” in regard to the statewide court rulings. A battle continues in New Jersey as to how much affordable housing must be build and Mahwah, along with 250 other municipalities has retained a firm to provide what they feel are “more reasonable” numbers than those originally proposed by the Fair Share Housing Center whose report said that more than 200,000 affordable units need to be built over the next ten years.

Many years ago, Mahwah was sued and the Supreme Court doctrine stated that municipalities must provide a “realistic opportunity” for the building of their “fair share” of an area’s low and moderate income housing. But just last spring, the Supreme Court disbanded the agency failed at settling the quotas, so once again the issue is in the hands of the courts.

Mahwah’s Mayor, Bill Laforet, stated that “Mahwah has done more and discovered more, worked harder than most communities in this situation” and the town has recently asked the state court for immunity from lawsuits from developers and builders who argue that they could help fulfill the town’s obligation.