City of Hackensack Receives "Transit Village" Designation

by Robert Abbott on 2/26/2016

The City of Hackensack is proud to announce that it is now a “Transit Village”. The New Jersey Department of Transportation officially designated the City on December 30, 2015. The City received formal notice earlier this month. The application and stringent review process took nearly two years. A municipality can only be designated a Transit Village after performing the important visioning and planning work that sets the stage for redevelopment to occur.

The Transit Village Initiative designates municipalities with a bus, train, light rail station or a ferry terminal that have embraced a Transit Oriented Development vision. That vision includes growth and economic revitalization; a commitment to compact, mixed-use development; a strong residential component; jobs, restaurants, arts and entertainment and preservation of a rich architectural character, all within walking distance of a passenger transportation facility.

The NJDOT applauded Hackensack’s careful planning efforts and the proactive approach that the City had taken with respect to redevelopment. By designating the City of Hackensack a Transit Village, the State of New Jersey pledges to partner with the City in achieving the City’s redevelopment goals. Hackensack will now receive priority consideration in funding and technical assistance from many of the participating state agencies.

“This is a milestone accomplishment in the city’s history and confirms once again that redevelopment is moving in the right direction”, said Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino. “We are especially grateful to our staff and consultants for their hard work in researching, compiling and following up with the arduous application requirements”, added the Deputy Mayor.

The City of Hackensack adds the Transit Village designation to a growing list of accolades including the 2014 New Jersey Futures Smart Growth Award and the recent Public Partner Award from the NAIOP (Commercial Real Estate Development Association).